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DivorcedMoms is the ultimate online community for divorced moms to connect, communicate, share experiences, and find expert information and advice. We provide meaningful, current information about all topics relating to divorce -- expert advice on how to manage the process, the humor and the heartache involved, and the strength that comes with redefining your life and carving a new path.

Types of Submissions We’re Interested In

Personal Perspective: Whether you are thinking about separating, newly divorced or have already navigated the divorce process, whether you are in your 20s with an infant or in your 50s with grown children, you have experience and a unique point of view. Your stories will help other moms who are going through the same process. DivorcedMoms is above all a community of shared experiences.

Divorce Expertise: Are you a mediator, financial advisor, lawyer, relationship coach, counselor, or other professionals who have subject matter expertise in the area of divorce? The DivorcedMoms resource center provides information from the most-trusted and authoritative divorce experts. We will give you a platform and built-in targeted audience to build your brand and develop a following and readership.

Dating, Sex, and Relationships: Are you jumping back into dating? Have an interesting perspective on sex after divorce? Or, like to write about the good, bad and ugly of relationships? We want you on our DivorcedMoms writing team!

Style, Health, and Fitness: Just like all women, divorced women are interested in style, health, and fitness. We offer advice for women starting over after divorce on how to stay healthy, fit and stylish after divorce. 

Work, Career, and Money: Many divorced women are re-entering the workforce after years of staying at home with their children. Some are starting new careers and struggling to make ends meet financially. We appreciate any advice and tips that help newly single women navigate this area of moving on after a divorce.

All of our writers, whether writing from personal experience or a professional point of view, will have:

  • Experience and passion
  • A unique voice
  • The desire to reach a targeted audience of divorced moms
  • The drive to submit original, meaningful content

DivorcedMoms Submission and Style Guidelines

An article submission is an indication that you have read, and agree to the terms of this agreement. You must create a DivorcedMoms account before submitting your article.

Submit your article as a Word Doc file and include the following:

  • Include your full name, email address, and date of submission.

  • Please include a 2-3 sentence bio. If your article is published we will request a jpg image via email.

Grammar and Spelling:

Our editorial team gives each article a thorough copy edit for grammar, spelling, formatting, style, and more. The process is expedited when authors make an effort to proofread and apply proper grammar and spelling to article drafts.

If you use FireFox, Grammarly is a great software to use while writing to help with pesky issues like spelling and proper grammar.


Does your writing have an appropriate introduction and conclusion?

Is the subject of your article clearly stated in your introduction?

Is it clear how each paragraph in the body of your article is related to the subject of the article?

Are the paragraphs arranged in a logical sequence? Have you made clear transitions between paragraphs and kept paragraphs short?

Have you defined any important terms that might be unclear to your reader?

Is the meaning of each sentence clear? Is it clear what each pronoun (he, she, it, they, which, who, this, etc.) refers to? 

Have you chosen the proper words to express your ideas?

Have you avoided clichés and flourishes? Don’t allow your "personal style" of writing is getting in the way of readability.

Use a single space between sentences. NO DOUBLE SPACING BETWEEN SENTENCES! Dashes are popular but, we don’t like dashes. Do Not Use Dashes!

Follow AP Style guidelines regarding numbers, capitalization, abbreviations, and punctuation

Article Word Count:

All submission should be between 600 and 2,500 words in length. All submissions should be formatted as thought or opinion pieces or list articles and properly formatted. We do not use bulleted points and numbers!

Last but Not Least

Only on-brand submissions will be considered. We are having a conversation about divorce from a woman’s perspective. Going through a divorce, healing from divorce and moving on after a divorce. All topics faced by women and mothers who are thinking about, going through or moving on after a divorce.

Thank you for your interest in writing for!

Topics of interest

We accept submissions related to any aspect of the divorce process. We do not accept state specific articles, only general family law related articles. 

You may submit articles that are strictly informational or articles that offer advice to women who are navigating the divorce process. 
This category is specifically for articles about moving on after divorce. Submissions can cover survival tips, dating advice, sex and relationship tips and experiences, rebuilding a career, health, style, and fitness, also. If your submission empowers a woman after divorce, it belongs here. 
Your submission should be about domestic abuse, personality disorders and their relationship to marriage and divorce. An expert in the field of domestic abuse? Your article belongs here. Divorced from a narcissist? Your article belongs here.  
Your submission should be about children and the impact of divorce. We publish anything from statistical studies on the impact of divorce on children to therapy methods for children of divorce. If it relates to children and divorce, it belongs here. 
Please limit submissions to articles about any aspect of child custody and child support. You may submit legal information articles or advice articles to women who are dealing with issues related to child custody and child support. 
Your submission should be about problems in a marriage, how to fix marital problems and advice for those experiencing marital problems.
Submissions about how divorce impacts the family, extended family, and friends. 
Submissions to this category should be single mom parenting related articles. Parenting advice, tips, recipes, how to survive and thrive as a single mom. 
Are you a blended family expert or, do you live in a blended family. All submissions to this category should give advice or related a blended family experience that others will find helpful. 
Do you have an interesting or informative story about your divorce? Do you have a story you think will be beneficial to other women? Maybe a story about co-parenting, visitation or a high conflict divorce. If so, your submission belongs here.